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PureMSK Black Large (Regular)

PureMSK Black Small
Marsha Maier

It's a perfect fit. I feel safe wearing it to protect myself and others. I drive a school bus. No more needs to be said with all those germs!

Favorite and best of many I've tried

What makes any mask the best protection is being able to tolerate wearing it however long needed and having it fit seamlessly without gaps. This mask does both for me. It's breathable!! It fits perfectly and comfortably without fogging glasses. Totally better fit than the blue surgical masks. I use the large (average) size.

PureMSK Black Large (Regular)
Shirley Ann Morales
Favorite Mask

It is light on my face, I can breath well and my glasses do not fog up. Most importantly, I feel confident in the safety level of this mask.

Still the Best

This is my 3rd or 4th time ordering the PureMadk regulars in both black and white. I still like the way they feel like complete, comfortable coverage without feeling claustrophobic. I recommend these to everyone who shows an interest in them. Orders are also filled correctly and promptly. I’ll be back for more!!

Most comfortable mask ever

As a physician, I am in a mask all day and PureMSK is comfortable and protective. Thanks for keeping my family and myself well

Light and very comfortable

Good fittting mask -

I wear glasses and it is great to have a face mask that will not cloud up my glasses.

Great Masks!

I have been exclusively wearing these wonderful, light, breathable, protective masks since the pandemic began, and have recommended them to many colleagues, relatives and friends. I recommend them highly (both the white and black ones.) I also find communications with their customer service department to be excellent.

Comfortable and Protective

Love these masks! They fit well, are very comfortable, and protective. I like that they are individually wrapped and easy to take along. I still wear a mask on airplanes and feel confident I am protected when I have this mask on.


Love these masks. Good filtering, and they are not as hot as some others.


Comfort, impressive test results and extended use time over a daily disposable make PureMSK the winning choice for our family. My husband enjoys being able to wear them without his glasses fogging up, and I love that they come in a small size that fit my face perfectly!


good product. fits good

Love your PrueMSK.

I like the way the PureMSK fits.

PureMSK Black Large (Regular)
Arlene Stavropoulos
Best Mask ever!

I am a nurse…working long hours at times…the PUREMSK makes it easy to wear a mask ask day. I wear glasses to and they never fog up!! They are a little pricey but definitely worth every penny!

The best masks ever

These are the only masks that I can wear all day without a problem. They are truly the best I have tried. Thank you for making our lives better

Face Mask

I'm Very Well Satisfied

Pure MSK

Excellent product! A comfortable yet well-fitting mask that provides the protection I need and want. Thank you!

PureMSK Black Small
Allison Scarboro
An excellent mask

These masks are a lifesaver and my favorite mask for the gym and for travel. Comfortable and flattering.

PureMSK White Small
Tracey Taunt

Best fitting mask. I can easily breathe while wearing it.

Best mask!

This mask are great because you don’t feel like you are wearing a mask. The fit is great and can be adjusted easily.

PureMSK Black Large (Regular)
Rosemarie Margiore


Great product!

This is the only mask I trust. They are comfortable and help to keep me safe from viruses.

Great to wear during activities

The Pure-MSK masks are great for when you active such as playing sports and exercising. They are lightweight and you still feel protected. Would highly recommend.

comfortable and works!

This mask is comfortable - behind the ear fittings and does the job. The best mask I have found