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Excellent masks

These masks are light, fit well and comfortable to wear. Customer service is also great. I’m a repeat customer because it’s a great product.

PureMSK. The Best

Best mask I’ve worn. Excellent fit, Never leave home without PureMSK. In my purse and car.

Best Mask

I work as a school custodian and I can easily wear this mask all day!

Good Mask

I ordered the large size for my husband and the small size for me. The fit is great and my glasses don’t fog.

The perfect mask

We’ve tried so many masks over the last two years and they were ok but then we found the Pure mask and we realized that this is by far the best one. It’s so lightweight and fits snuggly on the face. A perfect mask.


Great mask, quality, good fit, comfortable, reasonably priced, and decent shipping times.

PureMSK Black Large (Regular)

Return Customer

Great mask. 2nd time ordering.

Protected but can breathe

Love these masks and will use no other. Full coverage, space between mouth and mask and seals on bridge of nose so no fogged up glasses

My Favorite masks!

I've tried many masks and these are the best! So comfortable and my glasses don't fog up like they do with others.

Very comfortable!

Comfortable fit.


Very comfortable and fits very well on the contours of the face!

Awesome masks!

These masks are the best I’ve had! Ordered many times.

I like them, they fit well, ear loops are comfortable, I’ll buy them again

Extremely comfortable!

I love these mask, the quality is great and they are very breathable. I will probably never by a different brand again!

Best mask

I have been using this mask since beginning of pandemic. It has protected me and my family .

PureMSK Black Small
Anita Humphries
Finally! The best mask!

Oh my gosh! This mask! Throw away the others and get these. I LOVE the extra feel of protection with this mask design. Super comfy….only one I’ll wear from now on!

Best for Fit and Comfort

I've ordered and given away hundreds of masks. Now I only order Pure MSK.

Best Mask!

I was put on to PureMSK by a fellow choir mate. It is so light, comfortable and breathable. Especially for singing, and it doesn’t pop off my chin. I wear the large size. The small is more of a child size. I would recommend this mask to anyone!

Pure MSK Review

Excellent fit, coverage. So comfortable to wear. Won’t leave home without one.

Favorite mask

These masks are thin, but the most comfortable mask I use.

Best Mask I've Found

This is the only mask I've liked since the pandemic started because it's breathable, sits off of my face without a plastic insert, doesn't fog my glasses, and doesn't break out my skin. I like that it's lightweight and folds into itself (especially for sanitary reasons). I've even exercised while wearing it with no issues with breathing.

Best Mask!

Comfortable and easy to wear!

Great Breathable Mask

One of the best masks out on the market.

It's very comfortable to breath and wear all day.